The Easiest Pancakes You Will Ever Make. Ever.

Did I mention they were easy?

If you’re saying, “But, wait. I thought you just told us that we couldn’t eat pancakes”. You stop right there! Of course you can eat pancakes! But you get to eat special, low carb, high protein, energy boosting pancakes now. 😀

I like making the batter in a blender, because it’s easier for me and makes for a smoother consistency. But feel free to use a good old bowl and fork method too.


Makes about 6 pancakes

  •  1 banana, mashed
  •  1 tbsp. nut butter (almond is what I use, make sure it’s unsweetened)
  •  2 eggs
  •  additional add-ins: cinnamon, honey (sparingly), blueberries, roasted nuts

-Mix ingredients well.

-Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat, melt some butter or coconut oil

-Pour batter onto heated and greased skillet

-Flip when bubbles form around the edges

And that’s seriously it. This is the first paleo meal I ever made, because I found it so unbelievable that three ingredients could make a pancake. Not only does it work, they’re delicious. And much more satisfying than your normal wheat cakes. Not to mention they’re packed with protein and will keep you full all morning.


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